Fall Festival Support 

Throughout the Fall Festival there is a dedicated support team to help you with any queries or issues you may encounter while hosting a Market Meeting 


Please note this service is NOT a support network for what content is available on the site - it is purely for technical and functional support. For all content queries please contact your regular Marketing team contact 


You will also find one page instruction sheets and a link to the FAQs for quick reference in case these can help answer your query in advance of your meeting


For quick help during your meetings please use the instant chat function where a member of the support team will help you troubleshoot your issues, anything that can not be dealt with immediately will be logged 


For an emergency call the support line +44 (0) 2039 462 749

Training Videos 

One Page Guides

Frequently Asked Questions

What time zone should I book my meetings in?

We encourage you to book your meetings in your local timezone.

If you need to check a different time zone, you can select one from the drop down menu. 

Upon login the time zone will automatically default to Europe/London. After this, it will default to whatever time zone you were using last.

If I have participants in different timezones what timezone do I select?

The system-generated calendar invitation will automatically adapt to your client’s timezone so you should book meetings in your local timezone.

Can I book a meeting on behalf of someone else?

Yes. If you have been provided log in details you can book a meeting for anyone who has been allocated a meeting room.

What does it mean if I am a ‘host’?

Being a host means you have complete control over the meeting. You will be able to accept clients into the meeting, eject them out of the meeting, control the playlists and take notes.

Can colleagues join my meeting if they don’t have a log in?

Yes, you can add in colleagues to your meetings in the same way you would add a client

Can my client forward the meeting invite to others?

Yes, but only to those with the same email domain (e.g. @itv.com) will be allowed to access the meeting. If they have a different email domain they will need to be added to the meeting via the booking system.

Within the email confirmation there is an option to share the link if the clients want to invite their colleagues

Any clients with a different email domain must be added to the meeting using the booking system to enable access

When adding notes during the meeting booking process, will they be published to the client?


No, the notes will only be visible to the host of the meeting. These notes will be also accessible throughout the meeting, but not editable during the meeting.


Notes can now only be viewed and edited in the scheduling system, not the meetings.


If you need the notes during the meeting have them open in a separate tab

If the client hasn’t received the email invite from the system, but I can see all the meetings that have been scheduled, would I need to re-invite them?


If your clients have not received their invitation, please send them the sharing link from within your own calendar invitation that you should have saved

Will there be a confirmation email sent when confirming a meeting?

Yes, both the clients and the host will receive a confirmation email. This will be the same email for both parties.

Will the calendar invite for the meeting automatically be sent to my client?

Yes, when saving your meeting in the system, a confirmation pop up will display. After accepting, an email will be sent to your clients containing e-calendar links. They can then add this to their calendar.

Can I edit the meeting once it’s been created?

Yes, you can change the time, edit the notes and add in additional clients. If you need to change the date of the meeting, you will need to create a new meeting and delete the old one.

New clients added to the meeting will be sent a confirmation.

Please note, incorrect email addresses will not bounce back to you. Please double check you have added in the clients correct email address.

What happens if my client responds to the calendar invite email?

Their responses will be sent to a monitored email inbox. We will forward on any relevant emails to you directly.

If I delete a meeting does it remove it from the clients calendars?

No, the client will have to remove the calendar invite from their own calendar. This is beaucase to be able to do this we would have to have access to the clients calendar system and we can not do that.

Can the client see a full list of who is attending the meeting?

No, the client will only see themselves and the meeting host's name. The host will be able to see everyone who is attending.

When I edit a meeting will the invitee receive a new confirmation?

Yes, clients will receive a new confirmation when you edit the time, title or change the host of a meeting. However, the original meeting invite will not be deleted so you will need to tell your clients to delete the original invitation from their calendar. This is beaucase to be able to do this we would have to have access to the clients calendar system and we can not do that.

What happens if I accidentally delete the confirmation email and invitation?

The system will be unable to regenerate invitations so please keep these safe and add them into your Google calendars once you receive them to enable access to the meeting.  You can enter the meeting from within the appointment in the schedule system

 Will I be able to access a branded background during my meetings?

No, your background will be whatever is behind you! So do think carefully about where you position yourself for your meetings

Are there any browsers this system is not compatible with?

The meeting room software is compatible with all modern browsers e.g. Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Edge (Latest Chromium version 85.X). The system has been converted to support older browsers however older versions of Microsoft Edge are not supported as they are no longer used by Microsoft themselves.


If you clients are having issues accessing the meeting room, please ask them to update their browser to the latest version or switch to a different browser.

What do I do if I'm having audio issues?

Please ensure you and your clients have selected the correct audio settings when prompted before joining the meeting. 


We recommend that you and your clients use headphones when in a meeting to reduce any audio feedback


The system may automatically mute you and your clients when joining the meeting as per usual video calling etiquette. Please ensure that you and your clients have not accidentally muted yourselves. As a host, you can mute/unmute using the mute all function.